What is a Neurofeedback Session Like?


During training sessions, the client has 3 to 4 sensors attached to the scalp and earlobes with a conductive paste. The sensors on the scalp are like little stethoscopes listening to your brainwaves.  The sensors on the earlobes are for a referential comparison. Nothing goes into your brain.  The brainwaves are measured in millionths of a volt then amplified by specialized equipment that sends the measurement to a high-speed computer. The information is processed instantly then cues are fed back to the client on speakers and monitor.

The Atmosphere

The neurofeedback process is a relatively simple and enjoyable experience of self-care for the client.  The equipment is very sophisticated & high-tech while our presence with the client is down-to-earth, warm and friendly.

We provide patience, kindness and assistance in the gentle and appropriate exercising of the brain.  We  support the natural plasticity of your brain toward recovery of balanced brain function that in turn supports a happy life.