Benefits & Successes of Neurofeedback


The outcome of brain training is increased flexibility and resilience. Flexibility is the ability to move between states (such as sleeping, concentrating, problem-solving, relating and relaxing) and resilience is the ability to maintain a focus in any given state. Flexibility and resilience are skills that your brain learns, therefore you don’t have to keep coming back after training is complete. Of course life’s vicissitudes still exist and you may want to come in for an occasional “tune-up” if you encounter a rough patch.


Neurofeedback is a seamless and cumulative process rather than a single event. The seamless quality can” trick” you into forgetting why you came in. (Didn’t I always feel this great?”) Clinicians will work with you to record your entering motivations for making a commitment to neurofeedback and to define the specific markers that will let you know you have resolved your symptoms.

Cumulative means you must commit to the full course of training and stay consistent in your visits. Some clients feel effects early and others only toward the end.