About our EEGs

Hospital Grade Equipment:

  • Optimal-Neurofeedback uses the Cadwell Easy EEG fully updated, with 32 channels.
Cadwell EEGpatient with EEG


Sensors are Hand Placed:

  • At Optimal-Neurofeedback, we position and place all sensors individually by hand.
  • Hand placement accounts for the unique three dimensional shape of the individual skull better than a cap, strap, or net pulled over the client's head.
  • Expert hand placement more accurately matches the standard International "10-20" System of sensor locations.
  • The taut pull of a cap, strap, or net over the client's head can produce muscle tension artifacts not desirable in an EEG.
  • Most clients find hand placed sensors more comfortable than the pulled-over-the-head type.

Experience: Wayne Adamson

  • Wayne Adamson has been the Technical Director of Electrodiagnostic Labs with Hospitals and Medical Centers in the Northern California area for over 26 years.
  • More recently, Wayne has been an independent Electrodiagnostic Technologist supporting Medical Doctors and Psychologists in their offices throughout Northern California for over 10 years.
  • In the research area, Wayne has provided EEG recording for Reference EEGs (rEEGs) research at Stanford University and Nerve Conduction Studies for diabetic neuropathy at Diablo Clinical Research.
  • And now, at Optimal-Neurofeedback, Wayne sets the standard for Electrodiagnostic Technology.